Blue Sapphire
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Blue Sapphire
Awesome pair of unheated Cornflower Blue sapphires 78.11 and 72.78 cts
Unique gemstones of collectors level.
Price on request $
Blue Sapphire
Huge blue Ceylon sapphire 37.81 ct
The largest blue sapphire of such high quality and beauty I've ever seen!
Price on request $
Blue Sapphire
Earrings with bright sapphires from Sri Lanka 11.24 ct
Amazing sapphire earrings with Royal Blue colour from Sri Lanka.
51 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Burma sapphire ring No Heat 13.54 ct
Unique unheated sapphire in the classic design ring.
317 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Lovely sapphire earrings 17.31 ct
Intense Cornfrower Blue sapphires and diamonds in elegant design.
70 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Royal Blue sapphire ring 9.56 ct
Elegant ring with top color sapphire and diamonds.
127 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Romantic ring with top sapphire ring 15.77 ct
Spectacular ring with rare quality sapphire in the heart shape.
58 500 $
Blue Sapphire
Vivid Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 22.06 ct
Awesome sapphire with Royal Blue colour and excellent clarity.
103 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Ring with excellent srilankan sapphire 16.59 ct
Fascinating fine quality sapphire in the ring.
115 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Vivid Blue sapphires 20.75 ct
Awesome earrings with sapphires and diamonds.
89 000 $
Blue Sapphire
Royal Blue sapphire ring 8.98 ct
Beautiful srilankan sapphire with rare vivid blue colour in the cushion shape with diamonds.
37 000 $
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